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Realistic survival simulator in the forest.

Check your survival skills in the wilderness. Find food, place a camp, build house, defend yourself against attacks of wild animals, improve your weapons and tools. Can you survive at least one night? Check it out!

Features :
– Realistic graphics
– Building system (new!)
– Hunting for wild animals
– Extraction of resources (firewood, stone, ore)
– Interaction with objects (fire, oven, anvil, box, sleeping bag)
– Variety of tools and weapons
– Crafting system
– Day Night

Leave your suggestions for improvement and bug reports on our forum:
– Fixed problem with opening doors
– Fixed light of the fixture
– The weight of the falling trees is increased
– Added extraction of Sulfur Ore
– Added texture quality setting

– Added building system
– Now after cutting trees are fall
– Fixed animals attack (crash on some devices)
– Increased tools attack damage
– Increased extraction of wood for the Axe
– Fixed equipment defense
– Fixed hunting rifle sound

– Fixed inventory UI
– Fixed crafting queue

Survival Simulator   Android 4.0+

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