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Seep is one of the most widely used Card Android game that are available that is published by . This company develop a great deal of great games. For those that are a fan of Card Online games, I believe there is no doubt that you will love to play this Seep unique game.

Seep (also known as Sweep) is a classic Indian Card game played between 2 or 4 players. Seep is more over popular in Indian, Pakistan and few other Asian countries.

In 4 player mode Seep played in fixed partnerships of two with partners sitting opposite one another.

The aim of the Seep game is to capture cards worth points from a layout on the table (also known as the floor). The game ends when one team has accumulated a lead of at least 100 points over the other team (this is called a baazi). Players can decide in advance how many games (baazis) they want to play.

At the end of the seep round the scoring value of the captured cards is counted:

– All cards of the Spade suit have point values corresponding to their capture value (from the king, worth 13, down to the ace, worth 1)
– The aces of the other three suits are also worth 1 point each
– The ten of diamonds is worth 6 points

Only these 17 cards have a scoring value – all other captured cards are worthless. The total scoring value of all the cards in the pack is 100 points.

Players can also score for a seep, which occurs when a player captures all the cards from the layout, leaving the table empty. Normally a seep is worth 50 points, but a seep made on the very first play is worth only 25 points, and a seep made on the last play is worth no points at all.

Seep is very similar to the Italian game Scopone or Scopa.

For rules and other information, check out

The game is also available for iPhone.
Bug Fixes

Seep   Android 4.0.3+


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