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Thirty-One, also known as Hosn Obe, Big Tonka, Nickel Nock, Blitz, Clinker, Klinker, Skat, Cad, Whammy, Skedaddle, Snip Snap Snoop, Schnautz or Schnitzel. Many names for a game with very simple rules that guarantees lots of fun for young and old. Be the first to reach 31 points!

– Online Multiplayer Game
– Public and Private Game-Rooms
– Chat with other players
– Offline Training Mode
– Optimized for phones and tablets
– Cross-platform
– Short games: ideal as a brief distraction and for casual gamers
– Play against the computer or against up to three friends in multiplayer mode
– Quick to learn, but still tactically challenging!
– Strategically swap cards to reach your goal
– Authentic, aesthetic design
– Intuitive controls
– Choosable suits: French and German
– World ranking

Game rules: There are between two and four players and 32 cards. Every player always has a hand of three cards and one to three lives indicated by matchsticks. Three more cards are placed face-up in the center. Whoever first reaches 31 points wins the round. If no-one reaches 31 points, the player with the lowest point score loses a life.

You get points for cards of the same suit: Rank cards are worth the same as their number (7, 8, 9, 10). Face cards are worth 10 and aces are worth 11 points. Another special card combination comprises three cards of equal points value – those make up 31½

You can do one of four possible actions each round:
– Exchange one of your cards with one from the center
– Swap your entire hand with the three cards in the center
– Pass, if you don’t want to make any card changes
– Knock, if to indicate the last round once you think that you will not be the player with the lowest hand-score.

If you are the first to draw at the start of the round, you can chose to put your hand in the middle and get another hand from the deck, or put three new cards from the deck in the middle of the table.

The player with the lowest amount of points loses a round. Once all matchsticks are gone (burnt), the player is considered to “swim” – this means they can continue to play but losing one more round finally means “drowning” and losing the game. However, you still have a chance of winning even while swimming! Whichever player is left at the end, wins.
– Player statistics (in Leaderboard Menu)
– New Online-Room activity indication
– New animations when only one live is left
– New Chat Notifications
– Bug fixes

Android 5.0+  10,000+

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