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With just the use of your fingers and the accelerometer, you can reproduce the laws of gravity.

Pinch a planet and flick some asteroids. Make them orbit, merge and collide. Use physical properties to create patterns. Activate trails to draw and then share a picture. Use the back button to launch the menu.

– Create planets
– Launch asteroids into orbit
– Change gravity type and intensity
– Activate collisions or make elements merge
– Use Earth’s attraction
– See trails
– Play with the look of elements
– Remove walls of the simulator and make it bigger
– Lock the camera to an element to see the universe from its perspective
– Take a picture and share it in our fan-art Gallery
– Leave the screen empty to start screensaver mode
– Create your own solar system

Physical laws are reproduced in a somewhat realistic way: parabolic trajectories, elastic collisions, G forces and so on. This is a gravity sandbox.

These rules are exactly what make the app useful for something else. They are embedded in nature; which means that the resulting patterns look familiar to us. They are natural. This allows for the creation of retro and almost psychedelic imagery that can be used either as a screen saver, a wallpaper or just for personal meditation.

The use of trails combines very simple 2D elements overtime to produce deeper and unexpected postcards.

Previously known as Gravity Plaground.

Please provide feedback and report bugs at
Bug fixes
– Lock to center of mass
– Inverted gravity
– Different unlocks
– New screen savers
– Bugs fixed
– Updated to Android Oreo
– Donate button
– Simplified forces menu

Orbit Simulator   Android 2.3.4+

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