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Meet the fabulous, flying islands. They will conquer your heart with heavenly beauty and fantastic masters of this cubic world – all-powerful Dragons. Explore the islands, each of them is interesting and individual in its own way. Walk on the snow-white, hanging between the clouds, bridges with bizarre plants. Wander through the landscape of landscape landscapes and alleys leading up and down to the magnificent trees and tall towers, from the roofs of which a breathtaking view of the world of Fantasy Dragons opens. Light spacious houses, built on the edge of the cliff in the elven style, pleases the eye. Choose or build your house for the soul. Modular furniture will decorate your mansion, located on the edge of the world, feel like a designer. A variety of textures and colors will please you and your taste, from mimicious to reserved and tranquil blocks. Build and develop your possessions, decorate the world in all colors of the rainbow. Your imagination is limitless, give it freedom and see how the islands of dragons will be transformed.

       Majestic and graceful inhabitants of Fantasy Dragons are a family of Dragons. They waltz between the islands in the heavenly spaces. After long flights Dragons land to rest, at this moment you can approach them very close and play a mini-game: Tame the lord of the islands, tame his unapproachable character and then he will become your humble servant and friend. Fly like a bird, lead the Dragon to the sun, reach the constellations with your hand. Pari in the sky, dive into the airy vanilla clouds. Be free from gravity. Study every corner of the amazing pixel world, be careful and then you will find the mysterious entrance to the treasure cave. Remember: Dragons are clever and treacherous Keepers of the treasure, not every pass deep into the earth will lead you to the centuries-old extraction of dragons. They built intricate labyrinths with traps and riddles so that no one could steal their diamonds and rubies, gold coins and magic crystals. Be alert and dexterous, beware of unknown blocks and ominous darkness, and then you have every chance to get the title of conqueror of the dragon islands, to become the owner of untold riches. Be almighty in the fairy world of dragons.

  Find a peacock and play cards with him, he will reward you with a feather of a fever bird. Collect feathers – this is a sonorous coin of Fantasy Dragons. In the trading store you will find many wonderful wings of fairies: snow-white wings of an angel; Crystal-like wings of a dragonfly; colorful and colorful butterfly wings; fluffy and soft wings of enchanted birds. They will not only decorate your character, but also teach him different skills. Fairy wings of fairies will give their master their skills and craft. With them you will fly faster than the arrow; go through blocks like Buchsbaum; You will become invisible to traps and enemies as invisible; You will receive recipes of magical power to control the four basic elements – Fire, Air, Water and Earth. All wings are individual, with different abilities and price. Collect feathers of fever-birds, buy fashionable and elegant wings. Be the most beautiful and invincible in Fantasy Dragons. Play and expand your fabulous pixel world.
– New dragons
– New islands
– New blocks

1.0.7 Android 3.0+  10,000+

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