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Most Exciting RPG Strategy, behold the Strongest General from 3 Kingdoms: Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, and Mighty Heroes from Journey to The West: Sun Wu Kong, Tong Samchong, Nazha.

Background Story:

In this universe, things were going well and peaceful between Gods of the Underworld, Sky, and Earth. Everything changed when the God of the Underworld was defeated during a card game against Sky and Earth Gods. He felt dejected, angry, and he grew suspicious of them both. As he unleashed his ultimate demon power, his revenge is unstoppable.

Crazy Gods (ID) Game Feature

★Unique game play, RPG +Strategy Games★
Addictive and Unique combination of RPG plus Strategy, feel the adventure of Journey to the West, and exciting battle of 3 Kingdoms.

★Summon your heroes for free★
Recruit heroes out from 3 realm, human, god, and demon. More than 300 hundred heroes and 3.000 formation. Build your strategy and be the strongest.

★Guild for all, all for guild★
Join or create guild with your friends. A lot of benefit and rewards wait to be claimed. Weapon fragments, Experience, bunch of silver. Fight in dungeon event with another guild members.

★Unique Skills Combo with Stunning Animation★
Stunning animated skills makes your jaw dropped!
Unlock the superb Combo Skills by combine unique heroes on your formation!
Such as Guanyu, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei peach garden combo, also Lu Bu & Diao Chan Lover skills.

★Cute Pet★
Go on an adventure alongside your adorable pet that gladly assists you. Collect and raise your pet! It can help you in battles by unleashing lots of different supporting skills!

★World Boss★
Immortal Dragon once almost destroy the universe. Now he is back! Join forces with thousand player on server to defeat the Dragon. Epic loot awaits!

★Features and Events★
Endless event, start from daily, weekly with massive rewards, claim free gold, gift pack and another awesome perks in 365 days. You won’t skip a day to play Crazy Gods.

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Permissions needed:
* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION – Needed for analytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users.
* GET_ACCOUNTS – Needed for analytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users.
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Needed to read credentials & images to support multiple accounts login
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Needed to save credentials & images to support multiple accounts login
* READ_PHONE_STATE- Needed for analytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users.
New Features
New Heroes
New Evolution Grade
Increased Max Level Capacity

Dewa Ngamuk : Strategy RPG   Android 4.1+

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