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〓〓〓 game introduction 〓〓〓
When the era Mikuni …
So a number of battlefield on the stage, it is waging is now fierce national competition!
Is greeted by fellow coach our veteran, Aim the world unification!
And it won the national competition that takes place every day, and Shimero know the name in troubled times!

〓〓〓 Game Features 〓〓〓
★ In cooperation with colleagues of the same “country”, and Kachitore victory!
Battle Battle of incandescent by the adult number of possible!
Is active in the national mission to be held every day, it takes a good cooperation with the country’s fellow, at once to overturn the world’s composition!

★ anyone can GET a super powerful rare warlords
The challenge to the dungeon in solo play, and one after another, continue to clear, you can get the specific warlords! Anyone always super powerful warlords get! !

★ we can strengthen the warlords from various aspects
Equipped with sophisticated, Shosei skill weapons development ornaments processing and Castle development and second in command if skill-warlords awakening.
Play elements packed! ! Taking advantage of all the features, to make the strongest troops!

★ various stage to attain the other players and the male and female!
In addition to the national game, the stage of “stadium” to be able to compete with other players and one-to-one is prepared.
Both still player of another server in the “race for supremacy” will be held on a regular can play! !
Now, it is up wins from among the males, finally got the three countries strongest title, and Todorokasero the name to “the world”!


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