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About Tower Troubles

A huge variety of enemies with special abilities including Units that stun any towers in the vicinity, Necromancers with healing powers, Hot air balloons that drop enemy skeletons down as they fly up above. Each level gets progressively harder, forcing you to plan your moves carefully and build your turrets strategically.

Earn coins with every level completed and unlock more powerful turrets. Slow your enemies down with Ice Towers, give your towers a much-needed boost, with range and damage boosters! Homing Missile Launchers, Tesla Towers, Laser Guns, Gatling’s, Machine Guns, Flame Throwers, and much more! Upgrade your towers so they survive the onslaught of enemies threatening your kingdoms safety. Prove your tower defense skills to the world, by completing all 30 levels.

Force your attackers to take long routes by creating a maze of turrets. Solve puzzle maps that seem to have no rhyme or reason at first glance. Strategically build your own maze on open maps. You will need all your wit and cunning to solve the many unique maps and be victorious in this brand-new tower defense adventure.
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Android 4.1+    1,000+    19

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