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Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 1
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 1
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 2
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 2
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 3
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 3
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 4
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 4
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 5
Stardust Burning Lands 0.2.41 gameplay 5

Welcome to the world StarDust, a sandbox battlefield full of science fiction, punk and wasteland style. You can freely show your command talent on 1.56 million square plots, becoming the king or occupying part of the world.
The battlefield is burning, the mutation is spreading! This is a world that is entirely up to you.
Be a king or a liege? See you in the battlefield!

The background of StarDust is based on the end of the day, it has described a new era of post-nuclear war, being filled with biological variation, lack of resources, warlord melee. Various settings in the game are full of science fiction, punk and wasteland style.

Each server player in the same map is in real-time game. There are 1.56 million of various tiles in the map, including the topography, resources, cities, forts, quay checkpoints; 10 states, of which 6 were born state, 3 high-yielding state, 1 central state. Each state is terrain-separated and checkpoints connected.
There are nearly 300 heroes, each of them has their own personal characteristic and background. You can assign attribute points and skills as you wanted. There is no strongest match, only the unexpected combination.

There is no fixed line of development, everyone can expand territories, collect resources, upgrade technology, strengthen the troops, dominate the world by occupying the tiles of sandbox, according to your preference and strategy.

You can establish a guild, invite other players to cooperate in the game, command them to conquer the city. Through social intercourse establish an alliance with other guilds to resist foreign enemies. Or for the benefit of opposing enemies, fight against each other. No eternal allies, only eternal interests.
You can take full advantage of the complex topography in the war. Each battle is a different challenge. Just as play chess, there is no duplicate games in the battle. Attack or defense, win or lose – it all depends on your strategy.
[Battle Animation] The new combat performance, the battle process is expressed in vivid animation, allowing players to feel the fierce battle on the battlefields. You can enter the battle report system, click “Combat Playback” to experience
[Season Description] Defeat the zombies, conquer the Eden, capture the five states to become the master of the world. Occupying the state to win the season reward. If you want to know more details, click “World Achievements” – “Season Introduction.”

Stardust: Burning Lands 0.2.41  Android 4.0.3+


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