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Granny gameplay 1
Granny gameplay 1
Granny gameplay 2
Granny gameplay 2
Granny gameplay 3
Granny gameplay 3
Granny gameplay 4
Granny gameplay 4
Granny gameplay 5
Granny gameplay 5

Welcome to Granny.

Granny keeps you locked in her house.
Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything.
If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running.
You can hide in wardrobes or under beds.
You have 5 days.

Good luck!

The game contains advertisement.
* Fixed a small problem in the option menu.

Including this below from v1.4
* Granny`s house is a bit bigger now.
* Added another way to defend yourself against Granny.
* Now more items to find.
* Fixed some small bugs.

Granny  Android 4.0+


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