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Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 1
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 1
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 2
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 2
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 3
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 3
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 4
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 4
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 5
Chess Casual Arena screenshotsgameplay 5

Chess is a board game where two players go against each other using a 8×8 squares boards, generally black and white, with the goal of capturing the opponent’s king piece during a move called check.

Each player has available about 16 pieces at the beginning: a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns, which can be used in different turns.

On Casual Arena we offer you the possibility to play online chess against your friends and against other people around the world, may that be through your Android/iOS mobile and tablet or with a PC on a web browser.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional player, you can play either against the machine (AI) in the training mode or with other players of your level. Show your worth in the free chess game!

Other highlights on the Casual Arena’s chess game:
· Get exclusive designs to create your own customized avatar and stand out from the other players!
· Chat with your game partners and opponents both privately and publicly, we prepared for you’re a very social platform that we’re sure you’ll like!
· Multiplayer mode: play against your friends and challenge people from anywhere in the world to show your might.
· Training mode: practice playing alone against the machine (AI) to train your moves and strategies.
· Level up and position on the world ranking of the best Casual Arena’s players.
· Get exclusive designs, such as the customized chess boards, with which you can have each match unique.
· Using the latest technology in game design and development, we offer you a memorable graphical and game experience, with sounds and graphics of very high quality.

Learn the chess rules, which are the most used strategies and the basic instructions in this page we prepared for you:

The Casual Arena’s online chess game is available for PC and for iOS and Android phones and tablets. If you want to play on PC, you can do it through the web browser accessing here:

Casual Arena’s chess game is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Having fun with our multiplayer chess is free, you just have to download it and start PLAYING. We’ll be waiting for you!

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Android 4.1+  1,000+

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