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[Game Description]
Buddy of Eddie, and camellia to support you, quince, Chloe, let’s advance the story along with the Fray! Furthermore, by the progress of the game, choose to daughter-in-law the Karin Tsubaki Kuroefurei and other beauty. Bring back the New World Order along with the daughter-in-law!
It can also be children between the further married daughter-in-law!
As a respectable father, as a husband, trying to grasp the career advancement and peace!

[Le Grand Chef system]
50 or more people around the world of the great man that exceeds the country and era appeared as Le Grand Chef!
The help of Le Grand Chef in order to get ahead is essential! Tempered Le Grand Chef, trying to grasp the peace of the city!
Various Yingjie who becomes Le Grand Chef, to support you!

Status is intelligence, armed, attractive, consisting of political power!
Raise the status, for the goods, tempered the combat force, it will Umidaso the wealth!

[Speedrun element]
In this world waits for the mission of the various challenges Kimon!
Complete the story, interpretation of the truth, trying to clear the mission with the help of Le Grand Chef! Not only the story, PVP system, expedition events, such as the training element, speedrun elements are also plenty!

[Promotion system]
Class players promoted to each raise the achievement!
Let’s promoted to from the sub nine dishes is a newcomer officials to the positive dish closer to the world up!
Increasing number of missions to be released by promotion to, Le Grand Chef and daughter-in-law candidate to become a friend also has appeared!

[Clique system]
Possible cooperative play with friends across the country on-line! In cooperative play Aim for the world peace!

突然ですが、異世界で正義の味方になりました 1.0.1 Android 4.4+

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