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Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 1
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 1
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 2
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 2
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 3
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 3
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 4
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 4
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 5
Prehistoric Game 2.1.6 gameplay 5

You are the leader of your own stone age tribe. Lead your clan through a prehistoric world full of adventure and risk!


In Prehistoric Game, you must lead your people through thick and thin. Accept new warriors into your tribe, tame prehistoric beasts and acquire improvements in order to overcome all perils. With the right strategy selections you will defeat your opponents in-game and with your friends will help you to increase the size of your clan. Scale the heights of the high scores and put your rivals in their places.

On the hunt for better hunting grounds and a warmer valley, you lead your clan into the unknown. Giant dinosaurs, powerful mammoths and enemy clans all challenge for supremacy in this prehistoric world. Are you the hunter or the hunted?

Prehistoric Game at a glance:
• 90 adventures in 9 different territories
• A large selection of over 70 tribe members, beasts and equipment items
• Challenging fights against other players
• Clan fights with multiple players
• Weekly high scores with premium rewards
• Expansive tutorial for a quick game entry

Awaken your inner caveman!

Evil Grog Games –
– App stability improvements
– Localization improvements

Prehistoric Game 2.1.6  Android 4.0+


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