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Sugar App – Indias No.1 School App gameplay 2
Sugar App – Indias No.1 School App gameplay 2
Sugar App – Indias No.1 School App gameplay 3
Sugar App – Indias No.1 School App gameplay 3
Sugar App – Indias No.1 School App gameplay 4
Sugar App – Indias No.1 School App gameplay 4
Sugar App – Indias No.1 School App gameplay 5
Sugar App – Indias No.1 School App gameplay 5

Sugar App Now Covers Maths, Science, Social, English, Hindi and other Subjects!

Mathematics is the most challenging and important subject for boys & girls. While addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the fundamental concepts everyone is expected to master, Mathematics is much more than this.

Sugar Maths is a mathematical game where kids have hundreds of interesting mathematical problems to solve, put their brain to work and develop amazing math skills whatever their grade.

Sugar Maths is a new game that ensure that you learn to solve math problems quickly in your mind without any errors.

The fun math games for girls and boys in the app will help develop and strengthen logical and abstract thinking, conceptual clarity, numerical ability and focus.

These cool math games are mapped to school curriculum. The games includes progressively challenging levels from simple to complex. These levels include a set of mathematical activities that kids will find both entertaining and enriching. While you have fun with the games you also benefit from training your brain and improving your math skills!

Complete all the levels in a topic gets you the Black Belt! The ultimate recognition of your mastery over concepts in mathematics.

Topics include:
– Numbers
– Addition
– Subtraction
– Multiplication
– Division
– Fractions
– Decimals
– Algebra
– Geometry
– Multiplication tables, times tables

and much more!

The game is full of surprising maths tricks and exciting math puzzles . Spending just a few minutes a day will help you master maths formulas.

If you like riddles and math quiz then you will find this game super enjoyable.

The maths olympiad section provides hundreds of levels of skillful math practice.

A real time leaderboard with achievements keeps you motivated.

– Awesome game play, attractive design and intuitive interface.

The game systematically covers all topics grade wise:
– 23 topics for kindergarten, lkg, ukg
– 35 topics for class 1, 1st graders
– 43 topics for class 2, 2nd graders
– 45 topics for class 3, 3rd graders
– 48 topics for class 4, 4th graders
– 53 topics for class 5, 5th graders
– 60 topics for class 6, 6th graders
– 65 topics for class 7, 7th graders
– 63 topics for class 8, 8th graders
– 52 topics for class 9, 8th graders
– 47 topics for class 10, 10th graders

Sugar Maths helps in preparation for IMO (Maths Olympiad). Helps in mastering Maths formulas, like algebra formulas, geometry formulas, multiplication tables etc. and is the ideal set varied maths educational games.

This app is perfect for students of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya and Punjabi.

This fun Maths app has content mapped to following boards,
Maharashtra Board books
Telangana Board textbooks
Andhra Pradesh Board books
Kerala Board text books
Tamil Nadu Board text books
Karnataka Board books
Gujarat Board textbooks
West Bengal Board books
Orissa Board books
Punjab Board books
Uttar Pradesh UP Board books
Bihar Board text books
Rajasthan Board textbooks
Madhya Pradesh MP Board text books

Practicing with Sugar Maths will ensure you are able to easily understand
text book solutions for NCERT CBSE ICSE and all state boards.

Try this collection of fun math games for free. You will be amazed!

These fun practice games will make students Exam Warriors!

Happy Brain training in math!

Improved User Experience

Android 4.1+  Android 4.1+  


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