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Flyon is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing game which has many distinctive features, for example:
1- Team system.
2- Guild system.
3- Advanced trading system.
4- Combat skills system.
5- Costume system.
6- Flying system which allows players to travel fast within the game’s world map.
7- Galaxy system which increases the character’s stats immensely when activated.
8- Forge system which provides players with the ability to upgrade their weapons and armor.
9- Pets that offer players bonus stats when upgraded.
10- Friends system.
11- Solo challenge system.
12- Multiplayer challenge system.
Furthermore, there are many interesting adventures, such as:
1- Monster Lair.
2- Arena.
3- Daily missions.
4- Hanging dungeons.
This is not all, you will also enjoy a lot of basic and daily quests which will take you to a new fantasy world!
– Players will receive daily and weekly rewards depending on the playtime. In addition to amazing rewards when reaching specific levels.

Flyon 2.7.23  Android 4.0.3+


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