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麻雀 天聖のルール
Four people Mahjong and three player mahjong is one person for mah-jongg game without a full cheat play for free.
Use the easy to see beautiful tiles Gurafukku, thinking level of the computer can be set from three stages.
Raise the tile efficiency of CPU thinking level 3, computer, defense has been programmed to be as close to human judgment.
You can set the public, such as tile hand-off of the various rules and computer settings.
You can view the four people Mahjong and three player mahjong of each KOs.
1 body and take the top in the Dongfeng game, take the top and two-body character will increase in the Southeast game (up to 40 bodies).

Rules of Mahjong TakashiKiyoshi
• Multiple Ron None. It will be the head wings.
· Yon’ie riichi, four Fuko barrage, nine species nine tiles will be Nagarekyoku.
• If the top in Orasu will automatically be the ultimate.

麻雀 天聖   Android 2.2+

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