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1. 經營自己夢想的旅館
– 非常適合玩家用自己風格的經營旅館
– 在遊戲中經營自己所夢想的旅館
– 雇用最好的傭兵以重建王國

2. 讓我們聘請傳說的工匠製作最好的武器
– 收集稀有的材料,製作自己的專用裝備
– 透過交易,買家與賣家互相獲得良好的評價

3. 聘請傭兵收集”王國之石”重建王國
– 聘請有魅力的僱傭兵來與最強的龍戰鬥
– 為傭軍提供舒適的住宿,以保持最佳狀態

4. 讓我們用自己的風格經營旅館
– 建立各種風格的旅館,如人類、侏儒、精靈等

5. 讓我們用愛心培養龍與馬的感情
– 龍與馬的養成系統
– 雇用最惡的傭兵,成為賞金獵人
1. dream of running his own hotel
– is ideal for players with their own style business hotel
– dream of running his own hotel in the game
– The best of the mercenaries hired to rebuild the kingdom
2. Let us hire the best craftsmen of the legendary weapon
– collect rare materials, create their own special equipment
– received good reviews each other through trading, buyers and sellers
3. mercenary hired to collect “Kingdom of stone” reconstruction Kingdom
– dragon mercenaries to fight with the strongest hiring attractive
– offers comfortable accommodation military commission, in order to maintain the best condition
4. let us use their own style business hotel
– the establishment of various styles of hotels, such as a human, dwarf, elf, etc.
5. Let us build a relationship with the dragon horse with love
– Ma Long and grow-out systems
– The most evil mercenary hired to become a bounty hunter
– Bug Fix

Android 4.0+    10,000+    2100


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