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Battle 1.0 Gameplay 1
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 1
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 2
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 2
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 3
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 3
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 4
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 4
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 5
Battle 1.0 Gameplay 5




【異世界Battle 隨時隨地】

【百位神樣 精美立繪】

【特色玩法 策略冒險】
神樣策略搭配組成多種套路,輕鬆上手卻又變化多端, 玩法無限。掌握神樣奧義技能,激發最大潛力。

【全民動員 輕鬆互娛】


※本遊戲依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為 : 輔12級
Time and space to conclude, different world, girls prophecy.
Fate cycle, from the beginning of the unknown life of God,
God, in the end look like?

Earth, goblins, quiet Ling, Yang God … na san de mo ア ri!
Getting lost い ã ー ー で Baldwin different world serving girl by Dow Chemical, nn!

The identity of the mystery [of] different world Story
Sailor girl through time and space to explore a mysterious world, story to you to choose.

[Different] anywhere in the world Battle
1V1,2V2, the region’s players to instantly match started one minute, three minutes a game card casual sports games.

[One hundred exquisite god-like character image]
One hundred god-like to develop, the more support the more beautiful, the more support the more powerful. Hey, I have a new image of KAMISAMA friends, but also many new skills!

[Features] play strategy adventure
God-like tactics with the composition of a variety of routine, easy to use and yet very dynamic and unlimited play. God-like grasp esoteric skills, stimulate maximum potential.

[Entertainment] national mobilization relaxed interaction
Association gathered to play BOSS, hundreds of copies of GO explore, discover rare God-like skin. More easily interact with the players, fair and competitive.

【contact us】
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※ This game according to the game software hierarchical management approach classified as: assisted 12
※ This game contains mild bloody fight picture
※ This game is free to use, and the other offers to buy virtual game currency, items such as payment services within the game
※ Please note that the game time, avoid indulging

神樣:從神開始的異世界Battle 1.0 Android 4.2+

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