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Sholo Guti gameplay 2
Sholo Guti gameplay 2
Sholo Guti gameplay 3
Sholo Guti gameplay 3
Sholo Guti gameplay 4
Sholo Guti gameplay 4
Sholo Guti gameplay 5
Sholo Guti gameplay 5

Sholo Guti is a popular and ancient turn based strategic board game played in Bangladesh, India and some South Asian countries. The board game is played between two persons. The strategy of the game is to capture an opponent’s guti (bead) by crossing over it with yours. A player wins when the all 16 guti of opponent are captured.

This is the best app to play Sholo Guti on smart phone or tablet. The design and graphic are cooler than other.

Sholo Guti can be played with robot or with another player in offline, online or bluetooth mode.
Robot mode has 4 levels of difficulty. At level four, robot takes turn according to the learned knowledge acquired from the gamers.
In online or bluetooth mode, players can chat with opponent player and send emoji while playing.

So, what are you waiting for – make your strategic plan, take turns and have fun with friends.

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Version 4.1.7
– Fixed bugs

Version 4.1.6
– Improved UX
– Fixed bugs

Version 4.1.5
– Faster download
– Fixed bugs

Version 4.1.3
– Included user action to get knowledge for the Robot

Version 4.1.2
– Robot learns from the users moves
– Add another level of difficulty

Version 4.0.4
– Included “Tap-Select-Tap” method to move a guti (along with drag and drop)
– Remove full screen ad from a session after the first watch
– Bug fixes

Android 4.0.3+  Android 4.0.3+  


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