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Get the Support App now to get YOUR name added to Pazaak Cantina as an opponent!

Master the iconic card game from the legendary game series as you play high wager credit matches and defeat endless challengers. Win Pazaak credits and create your dream card deck with over 70 collectible Pazaak cards to unlock. Engage in turn-based game-play, defeat challengers, win credits, unlock special cards, level-up, and dominate the Pazaak Cantina!

Blue cards? Red cards? Special cards? It’s up to you to construct the ultimate side deck to gain the upper-hand in the high stakes matches. Make key strategic choices while building a deck containing complimentary cards to defeat anyone who dares challenge you!

Defeat opponents and Level Up as you dominate Pazaak in a far-off cantina. Visit the Statistics board to view your lifetime match statistics like Win/Loss ratio, credits won, and more.

This game does not contain any items purchased with real money. All 70+ Pazaak cards are unlocked with Pazaak Credits that are won in matches.

Zero advertisements means you get to enjoy unlimited uninterrupted game-play forever.

This game does not require an Internet connection and is 100% playable offline.

NOTE: Uninstalling the application will reset your game’s progress.
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– Added more opponent names

Pazaak Cantina – The Card Game 1.9.4 Android 4.0.3+

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