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LiNE ID: zombie_game 加line,送好康

This is a race against the tactics and strategy of a wisdom and courage!
“Zombie Hunter” is the theme of a zombie survival RPG game, take you to experience the terrible zombie end of the world.
Night virus outbreak, zombie rampage, building Qingta, the city became Acheron! Mankind is facing an unprecedented crisis! In the end, need a hero! Please lead the other survivors together to defend the homeland, against the zombies! In order to survive and the future of mankind battle!
Life or death, or plunder cooperation, will be here any choice about the fate of others!
When danger approaches, please trust your instincts!

Advice to survivors:
[Recruiting] survivors make the best use
For a variety of career you choose, either you with a wealth of skills.
Depending on your need to recruit partners, expertise and resources in order to create the strongest team last days.

[] Set up base against a foreign enemy
Using tactics command of the fighting, in addition to the zombies, your enemy as well as those who plunder resources eschatological mob!
Improve your base, in order to survive, to the spirit of playing second extreme!

[Collection of materials recycling Po]
Explore all the ruins and buildings, access to the resources they need to survive and powerful weapons.
Production equipment, Jiaotonggongju enhance life-support.
Come join us and experience the kill zombies, to save humanity adventure!
Zombie hunter studio official Customer Service:
Official FaceBook fan group: https: //
LiNE ID: zombie_game plus line, send goodies we will listen to the voice of each player, thank you for your support.
1. 箭語少女覺醒後的模型調整
2. 伺服器列表增加分類:分為登陸過與未登陸過
1. 遊戲主界面調整(全新界面,功能建築大改版)
2. 新增部分角色配音
3. 遊戲內沉默狀態的特效優化
4. 跨服競技場排行榜增加顯示當前玩家軍銜
5. 新增副本角色(自爆機器人與鉛球運動員)
6. 指定搜救增加:滿博士
7. 遊戲內傷害數值的字體顯示優化
8. 瞭望塔的Boss入口移至指揮所中
1. 優化追蹤者技能特效
2. 修復左輪轉盤轉動過程中仍可以點擊抽獎的BUG
3. 修復陣營戰中已死亡的角色會復活再次戰鬥的bug

0.2.92 Android 2.3.2+  2018-07-26  50,000+    2309


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