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How Love & Diaries: Lucas Cheat Made Me A Better Game Experience Than You


For this last Sunday of the month of love, we have concocted a small article about the game of Romance Love & Diaries: Lucas. Do you play it? It’s perfect! Our team has developed a generator of action points (PA) to make you live an adventure especially not costly since the PA generator is free!

The must-have hacks on Love & Diaries: Lucas

We’re not going to lie, play Love & Diaries: Lucas without a generator is a real hell: Some choices are only selectable if you have reservations in PA, even worse: to know the rest of your story, you must either wait or Buy PA.

Everything is done for the players of this virtual romance to pay some money for the purchase of extra PA. So be reassured, if you have already been tempted, or even if you have already succumbed to temptation, know that this is perfectly normal.

The team at Arcaderi Games today proposes to show you how to not fall into the panel thanks to its PA generator. This hack, available on this page, is completely free and is open access on our website.

If you have never used hack before, know that this is not a problem! Here we strive to make your life easier! The generator is very easy to use the tool and it is adopted very quickly.

During this article, we will explain how to use our hack through a manual that boils down to 6 steps.

Why use our cheat trick?

Beyond the savings you will realize, the PA generator is a tool that you can use as many times as necessary. In fact, you can relive your love story on Love & Diaries: Lucas by making other choices and discovering a new plot. The use of the generator is a gain of money but also a gain of gameplay!

If Arcaderi Games is a reference site in terms of online cheating, it’s mostly thanks to the security features we put in place on each of our hacks.

The PA generator is equipped with a safety device that uses two main components: an anti-robot test and a transparency filter. To be functional, you need to activate our security by drawing on the video example published at the top of this page.

How often do we use our cheat code?

The PA generator is a tool that is used free of charge and that is free access on this page. Activating the security of our cheat allows you to use it at any time and at the frequency you want!

About Love & Diaries: Lucas

Love & Diaries: Lucas is a clicker-type game developed by the studio Tictales. The mobile app is available for free download on IOS and Android but you can also play it from your Facebook account.

In this game, you play as a young European party exploring California with her best friend Sung. Just graduated, your heroine has cravings for escape and adventure but also romance. What could be better than the United States and more precisely – the 66 road – to realize its dreams?

The game is in the form of a play game. To be clearer: just read and make choices by clicking on one of the different actions presented. Every choice you make will have a direct impact on the rest of your adventure and will naturally cost you action points (the famous PA).

Among all the encounters that you will do all along the adventure, Lucas, a large, frankly irresistible dark, will disturb the journey. How will you react? Do you make the right choices? Only the rest of the story will tell you!

Thanks to the AP generated using our hack, Love & Diaries: Lucas You will live a story full of twists and bounds! This gameplay, now much more fluid, will give you the impression of reading a book freely. We hope you enjoy this trick the Arcaderi gamers. By the release of our next cheat, we wish you to live a beautiful story on Love & Diaries: Lucas.

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