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Throne Rush Hack Tool – Unlimited Gems


Hello all,

Today we will find out how to generate free and unlimited gems for the mobile game Throne Rush. With our hacking technique, you will be able to benefit from large quantities of these precious resources without paying any penny.

Our Throne Rush gem generator

Throne Rush. is a free-to-play game. It contains in-app, called paying options which player is forced to subscribe if he wants to continue his adventure in the game without losing.

The problematic in this game is mainly the redundancy of payments since the gems are quickly exhaustible. Also, it is normal that a player who takes little by little liking to his game is looking for a way to save money by adding gems to his account.

The Arcaderi Games gem generator is a “hack” tool specially adapted to Throne Rush. It is available online, from this page and is completely free.

To be able to use it, just follow our instructions and you are already regular hacks that we propose.

The Gem Builder: Is this a reliable hack tool?

First of all, know that the generator is designed in our Community by our own developers. They make hack tools and incorporate a high-performance security system.

This security system is broken down into two main functions: on one side, the transparency filter that allows all users to be completely unknown to the publishers of the game.

When you use a hack such as the Gem Builder, the editors of Throne Rush are able to understand that you have hacked and are threatening to banish you from the game. It’s a bit silly when you think about the progression you can make using our tool.

This is why it is very important to activate this security system.

But that’s not all! The second main function of the gem generator is the anti-robot test because if the editors can detect the use of a hack, our hack is unable to recognize only a human…

This anti-robot test allows our generator to understand that you are not malicious software. As a result, it will transfer all of your resources to your account once the security system has been activated.

How to activate the security system of the gem hack?

For those who start in online hacking, know that we have made an example (which you will find at the top of this page) in order to show you how to proceed to the activation of our security.

This activation is done once you have determined the number of gems you want to inject into your Throne Rush account.


About Throne Rush

Developed and edited by Nexters, Throne Rush is a strategy game that is easily compared to Clash of Clans. With more than 30 million downloads in the world, it is one of the most popular games of this year 2017.

In this war game, you will have to manage and develop your own kingdom. Immersed in medieval times, the player must recover and amass resources in order to be able to face his opponents with dignity. Beyond the extension of the kingdom, we must also think about fortifying your troops: Archers, swordsmen, mages and many others are waiting for you to participate in this epic adventure!

Troop improvement is, of course, costing money since you will have to spend your gems fairly regularly. But these are not the only expenses you will have to rely on! Indeed, if your troops ask for a constant improvement, you will have to ensure the development of your infrastructure within the kingdom.

Bank, production of stone and wood, ramparts…. everything is good to repair especially after the passage of your enemies who usually leave the village in a very pitiful state. It’s up to you to handle this in addition to our gem generator.

Note that beyond a fairly simple graphics quality, Throne Rush is a fairly comprehensive game in which you can recruit up to 10 different units! But remember that you have to constantly take care of the good development of your kingdom.

Thanks to the gem generator, you will be able to generate enough resources but you will also attract other opponents who will hasten to steal your loot. Be careful!

All we have to do is wish you to spend some great games on Throne Rush the Arcaderi gamers. Don’t forget to meet us tomorrow for an umpteenth hack!

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