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AR DRAGON Hack Tool – Unlimited Crystal Tips and Trick


Your baby Dragon cries on AR dragon? Don’t panic! Our crystal generator will allow you to pamper him in all circumstances. This online hack tool is now available for free and unlimited, through this article we explain how it works. Are you ready for this? Here we go!

About AR Dragon Crystal Generator 

Use resource generator is a common practice when playing free-to-play games. AR Dragon does not escape with that rule since it proposes us to buy Crystals.

These gems bear their name well. You can use it to buy extra items and also customize your baby dragon. Also, when you are out of food, for example, you can buy them with Crystals. Now you understand why this is so important in the game.

The fact that the crystals are not free, bring a problem for a large number of players. And we understand them well! When you download AR Dragon, the game is offered for free so it is very amazing to note that some of their contents must be paid. Also, the teams at Arcaderi Game Hack Community have designed a tool that can circumvent its payments: the crystal generator.

Designed in our labs, a crystal generator is a tool that is used exclusively online. Available on this page, it allows you to add your account with thousands of free crystals and this, safely. Here’s why.

A reliable and effective hack tool: The AR Dragon Crystal Generator

When you use a hack whatever it is, it should be secure. Today, many players neglect this aspect which is however very important when hacking.

In order to protect all of our users (and ourselves) our developers have integrated a security check consisting of a transparency filter and an anti-robot test that you must activate. Without this activation, none of the crystals requested during your generation will be transmitted to your AR Dragon account.

This step is somewhat technical. Before you start in the generation of crystals on AR Dragon, we recommend that. you read the guide and then resume your reading here. Good hack on Arcaderi Game Hack Community!

About AR Dragon

AR Dragon is one of the first mobile simulation games to offer augmented reality. The game is free-to-play only available on IOS devices (for now!)

If you have known the Tamagotchi era, you will love AR Dragon. In this game, it is a matter of caring for an adorable baby dragon, making sure that he is well nourished, that he has fun while following a strenuous and effective training.

You will need crystals to personalize your help. Indeed, these resources are particularly valuable when it comes to changing the skin of your dragon or even buying other items in particular. Thanks to them you can progress quickly but especially satisfy the least need/envy of your pet.

In short, AR Dragon is an extremely excellent game. For a first in augmented reality, the graphics are neat and very realistic to the point where you find the room where you play well empty when you leave the game. Your baby dragon is going to be so irresistible that you won’t be able to do without it.

If other friends are playing you at AR Dragon, you will be able to head with all the novelties that you will have access to. It’s up to you to see if you want to reveal your secret or keep the mystery about this case.

We hope you enjoy your beloved crystals. Remember that using our hack is unlimited since you enable each generation our secure portal. So don’t hesitate to pamper your baby dragon (but not too much anyway)!

As for us, we find ourselves very quickly on Arcaderi Game Hack Community to talk about another mobile game and above all offer, you hacks always crazier. Good games on AR Dragon!

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