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Supercity hack tool – Unlimited Superbucks


Hey, Arcaderi Game Hack Community! We have a great news for you: Our developers have finally developed a Superbuck generator for the Supercity mobile game. Many of you had to write to us last month as a result of the improvements made to the game to give you a little nudge. Now it’s done!

The Superbucks Generator

You will have noticed: impossible to advance on Supercity without Superbucks. Indeed, this resource is extremely valuable in the game since it allows to acquire gold (itself useful to buy new infrastructures) but also goods.

The goal of supercity is to make you develop a city at the Megalopolis Stadium. But for that, you will have to run a lot of time. Superbucks are excellent accelerators because they allow you to cancel the waiting times imposed by this freemium game.

So the use of a Superbuck hack generator is essential if you no longer want to pay in the game shop. Easy and quick to use, this supercity hack tool is also secured by a high-level security portal.

Thought by our developers, this extra protection is equipped with an anti-robot test and a transparency filter that ensures the invisibility of your account. The software used by the publishers is thus scrambled and have no way to trace back to you and your supercity account.

For the device to work, you must activate it. To do this, the Arcaderi Game Hack Community team has set up a guideline that you will find at the top of this article. You will see a demonstration of the activation of our security system passable in a few clicks!

How to use the Superbucks generator hack on supercity?

At Arcaderi Game Hack Community, We don’t abandon you in the wild wilderness. If you have never used the hack before, be aware that we have a model manual.

First of all, one important thing to note is that the Superbucks generator hack is a tool that can only be used on this page. You do not need to download it.

Second point: To get benefit from your Superbucks in your supercity account, you must activate our security portal by using the guide example we published at the top of this article. You will have understood: no portal, no Superbucks! We don’t joke about security at Arcaderi Game Hack Community.

About Supercity

If you like management and construction games and you’ve always dreamed of being at the head of a gigantic city, Supercity is the game you need. Developed and edited by the Russian studio Playkot, this game will delight all players in search of an offbeat and amusing game.

Also known as Supercity: Write your story, Supercity is a game that is played on IOS and Android. For all anglophobes, know that the game has been translated into French and that unlike most freemiums, the translation is overall very good.

Here it will be a matter of completing missions that will allow you to make supercity the city of tomorrow. You will have to both befriend a dinosaur named Superzilla ( a subtle nod to Godzilla) in order to protect the city but also accommodate in the best conditions a film crew and its reality TV candidates in the superb Villas that adorn your city.

Supercity is a very comprehensive game whose updates regularly bring new features to which players are particularly fond. Now that you are well equipped with our Superbucks generator, you will be able to enjoy the full game and especially unlock thousands of new buildings.

And now, our article is coming to an end the Arcaderi Game Hack Community. We hope that you will enjoy your new resources and we wish you to spend very good games on supercity. We find ourselves very soon to introduce you a new hack tool.

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