Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Beginner's Guide


If you might be just starting out, make a decision whether or not you wish to have to reroll for excellent items or now not. Rerolling is the system of resetting the game over and over in hope of getting excellent or favorite items from the constrained summons you get early in the game. Whilst it can be no longer critical to experience most of the game with random models, you may get extra enjoyment from doing tougher content material with enhanced units or might be you simply want to steamroll your enemies. See how one can reroll.

When you might be rerolling, ignore their rarity and seem at the unit itself. They can be awakened to greater rarity in a quite brief time. Woke up the unit and pulled unit of equal rarity have no difference. Assess unit record and unit rankings for comprehensive lists.


  • Open the complete world through completing the story and quests.
  • Level up and awaken your items.
  • Level up your rank.
  • Do Colosseum or environment as much as possible.
  • Obtain and level up your Espers.


Your power will absolutely get better if you rank up. Everyday quests reward you with each vigor and EXP, and this vigor can overflow above your highest vigor. However, if you happen to rank up whilst getting the reward, it's going to reset to your current highest, wasting the energy reward. So, don't rank up from daily quests and continuously expand all vigor before leveling up a rank.

Daily Quests

Available on a daily basis are 5 turned around quests plus one who requires completing 5 different quests for Lapis50. The latter is one of the most steady sources of free-to-play Lapis in the game.

You may just examine your day-to-day quests fame from the "Quest record" on the home menu, after which click on on "everyday Quests". You need to declare rewards before the quests refresh (timer on a prime right corner of everyday quest tab). A different specific quest is also to be had throughout movements which by and large presents Lapis5. Non-occasion quests are listed beneath:

Free Lapis

When you get a pop-up asking you to offer a ranking and evaluation to the game, click on them to get Lapis100. You don't need to in reality cost them to get it. It can be despatched to your inbox. At the same time, the pop-up could reappear, which you could best get your reward once.

  • You will get Lapis100 while you rank up.
  • Don't omit to complete your everyday quests day-to-day for Lapis50.
  • Participating 5 arena fits day-to-day will reward you Lapis40, whether you win or lose.
  • Finishing a dungeon within the story mode will reward you Lapis100.
  • Missions from a dungeon will give up to Lapis50.
  • Attaining Gold repute for a Trophy will earn Lapis500

Lapis Usage

Whether you propose to reroll or now not, you must at least pull a pair summons with Lapis. Aside from the few primary characters, Lapis summoned models to have colossal advantages over free units. It helps you fill the social gathering with respectable models, to begin with, or if you are lucky you would get a prime tier unit right away.

Aside from preliminary pulls, you mustn't pull unless there is rate raise occasion for just right units.
Sooner or later your material slots need to be upgraded too. That you can sell for extra substances, but hold as a minimum 1 stack each and every before selling them off, and if it can be still full, improve them.
The rest of them; items, crafting, item, apparatus, or capabilities slots are in no instant must be upgraded.

Friend Points

Immediately after having access to the friend list, trade your buddy reward alternative to buddy aspects. That you can ship gifts to your whole friend list, and they're going to additionally send you items in line with your selection. Buddy gifting is entirely free and may also be completed daily. Add as many acquaintances as that you can, choose them from neighbors > Add friend.

Friend elements are used to summon general/free units. At the same time, they may be weaker than Lapis summoned units, a few of them are good for more than a few functions. To get their trust grasp Reward you are going to ought to fuse them as much as 20 instances, each and every one giving them 5% trust.

Easy Money

Money isn't too major on this game. Not primary adequate to unencumber Gil vortex for a whole day. If you want a chump alternate, do a commonplace summon with buddy facets, max out their stage, and sell them off.

Hidden gadgets & Quests

Whenever you're exploring a new town or an exploration dungeon, check cities and explorations pages to acquire all of their hidden items and quests. While its probably funs to become aware of them yourselves, it's very elaborate to keep track of them, and a few of them are particularly tough to seek out. Many quests require you to defeat monsters in the subsequent dungeon, saving you vigor through obtaining all quests formerly.


Vortex of Desires

You will unencumber the Vortex very early in the story. It may be accessed from the residence menu. Vortex of wants is a specified dungeon with a couple of chambers. One chamber can be unlocked for free per day, even as the leisure can also be opened with Lapis100 each. It's as a rule, not a good proposal to use your Lapis for these unlocks.

When you free up one or more vortex, it will show the timer to indicate when will the vortex be locked. The timer itself did not begin whilst you free up it. As an alternative, every Vortex will be locked at 00:00 PST.

Chamber of production: Drops crafting materials. No longer encouraged. It’s better to go to the fabric record, find the one you want and look for the monsters that drop it.
Chamber of Awakening: Drops awakening substances used to develop the rarity of the units. If you are watching for Sacred Crystal then INT is your exceptional wager, even as Holy Crystal drops extra on ADV. Otherwise, use the material record to search out exact material drops.
Chamber of expertise: offers big unit expertise. The quantity of experience is most often much higher than the one found within the story dungeons. Encouraged to make use of for leveling your unit.
Chamber of Riches: offers you gil. Highly now not endorsed, use the handy money trick above as a substitute.

Status Ailments

Many bosses will also be cheesed with the aid of utilizing fame ailments. The tremendous reputation ailments are paralyzed, sleep, and poison. Paralyze and sleep will stop any enemy's motion for 2-three turns, but any bodily harm will get up slept monster. Poison offers 10% HP injury per turn and combined with stopping results, can deal huge harm to intricate bosses with a lot of HP.

Enemy builds up resistance to popularity illnesses after each and every utility. This doesn't exhibit up of their resistance desk when checked with Libra or Analyze.

Friend List

Your buddy list from the game can retailer 30 peoples by means of default. Your facebook neighbors have the unique record with buddy list from the game. You can find your facebook friends unit in friends > facebook Invite.

If you are trying to make use of a specified friend unit but it does not show up on the record, which you could restart the game to reset the list. Pals who've been used don't show up again for approximately three hours.

Maximize Efficiency

Use Steal each time feasible. Notably in opposition to monsters in the Colosseum and managers. Use Libra or Analyze on all monsters. It provides the whole description of monsters of their library at Menu > advisor > Monsters. In case you are obsessive sufficient you might need to whole all of them.
Use restrict bursts, and esper summons whenever you can. See the Hero's Ring section beneath.

Hero's Ring

Hero's Ring is an accessory that increases your ATK and mag by way of +10%, which goes to be useful for a very long time. It's some of the extensively used accessories in the game. It may be crafted utilizing a recipe rewarded from finishing 30 trophies, nevertheless, it takes seventy-two hours to craft. All these trophies can be completed via average play in just over 2 weeks, as long as you maintain in intellect one of the standards, at the same time some you have got to grind for.

That's 26 trophies you can get with no trouble, just maintain in intellect the next:

  • Ask for pal facets as the buddy gift.
  • Use Steal as so much as feasible. You need to use a friend or a standard unit should you do not need a good unit with it.
  • Use restrict bursts whenever that you can.
  • Do Colosseum battles every time you could. Are trying a cut back ranked one if you're caught on a greater ranked battle.
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Beginner's Guide