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Loong Craft Unlimited Diamond – Find Out How to Get It!



Loong craft is an MMORPG game headquartered on China Three Kingdoms historical past. You construct your city, upward push your heroes, train your troops, join the alliance and undertaking players worldwide. Loong Craft is about on the background of the three kingdoms. In such an era of heroes, you are going to journey through the real reports of the three kingdoms and begin your own legend from an unknown soldier to a noted normal.

Game Features

State battle is the core approach of the game. State struggle starts at 08:00 pm and lasts for 30 mins. 6 states will likely be divided into three agencies. In every team, 1 state will be the attacking facet at the same time another will be the defending side. 2 states will battle against each and every different within the dispensed time.

Challenge Different Dungeons!Explore extra new gameplay!

It has lengthy been known that the dungeon is a fine approach to get EXP for leveling up and objects. Nonetheless, unlike usual RPGs, the dungeon in Loong Craft contains more than a few solo and staff dungeons. Each and every one provides a further enjoyable experience.

Engage with different avid gamers.

You can set up your possess guild or join a guild already based by using others.
Many programs including guild quests, guild contribution, guild manor watch for in the Guild interface. That you can additionally lift your CP through finishing the guild quests.

Join your own State!Experience variety of state systems

There are 6 states in the game. You have got to decide upon one amongst them when you find yourself creating your personality and devote you to that state to your later experience. Join the state conflict and complete the corresponding state quests to your state of an alternative. There is a sort of exciting methods in the State interface. That you may even claim a cash every day and get promoted in ranks.

Voice Chat!Unite your allies together!

When in State warfare, how you keep up a correspondence with your allies plays an essential function within the conflict outcome. Loong Craft makes it possible for you to use voice chat to speak along with your acquaintances within the chat box. Tap and maintain the voice button to communicate and liberate to send the voice message.

Classes to Choose!


Melee bodily assault possesses excessive DEF. Excels at entrance line safeguard.


Possess mighty AoE abilities, just right at restraining enemies. Can deal high injury but lacks DEF. A just right tactician will have to understand how to preserve oneself from assaults and preserve HP.

LancernUses melee magical attack, good at assault. Key phrase: flexible. A lancer fights with a spear for effective shut combat combating. Lancer possesses high-quality Crit and can with ease pursue and rapidly assault enemies.


A ranged bodily attacker can time and again deal injury from afar. In case you decide on a class that may launch pleasant ranged attacks, an archer will be a high-quality choice.



Collect cards to prompt the corresponding combo and stat bonus. Salvage your spare cards to get Card Tokens which may also be exchanged for playing cards of greater qualities.

Collect more playing cards and develop more suitable!


A foremost method to raise CP is to raise apparatus CP. Apparatus entails helmets, belts, leggings, boots, necklaces and rings.

Upgrade or socket gems to elevate your gear CP. Spend silver to upgrade gear as your personality stages up and socket gemstones whilst you find the specified gems.


A pair of wings is not going to handiest grant an attractive appear but fine stat bonuses. That you could improve and morph to elevate the wings CP.

How To Get limitless Diamonds In Loong Craft – iOS/Android Tutorial

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Instructions On finding out how to set off The Hack.

Click the button above or under labeled as “access online Generator”, it is going to redirect you to a new page.NConnect your Loong Craft account by way of coming into your username/electronic mail id and settling on your Loong Craft platform.

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