Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle - Unlimited Zeni, DragonStone and Friend Points

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All about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a game of action of an explosive fight which allows you to enjoy the realm of Dragon Ball and participate in a chapter fresh of the Dragon Ball Z saga. It features a unique game which you could use special items to stimulate your team for battles. Fight with the formidable villains and bosses of the animated series meeting.
Assemble your own special team considering a large choice of characters from Dragon Ball z design of strategies for combos by activating the powerful skills of Link.
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle is free-to-play, optimized for mobile phones and tablets and can be downloaded from Google Store for devices running Android, and on the iTunes App Store for devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Team training

Decide upon up to 6 characters to accompany you in your quest.
However, the total cost of the team of your characters selected cannot exceed your limits!
* Your limits will boost with each of your ranks.
As an emergency backup, the screw will be automatically awarded to spaces (slots) which you don't fill.


You can train yourself to earn Exp points specifically for your character, raise their level (LVL), and boosting their stats.
To train you, you should follow these few steps:
  • pick the character you should practice (required).
  • choose your training partner (at least 1 is required).
  • pick a training article (as an option).
  • pick a place of training (optional).

The required Zeni is correlated to the rate of your character and used training component.
Also, if your character and your training partner are identical (both the character name and nickname), their Super attack levels will be strengthened. If they're of the same type, they will be able to earn a bonus Exp Point.
Opponents of the training, objects, and places of training (except for the Wasteland) will disappear after use.

The Awakening (Awakening):

By awakening your character, you are awakening their potential, thus increasing their stats.
To make this happen, you'll need the Awakening medals and Zeni.
The character awakening will not change its level but can be executed independently of the character level, you should not hesitate to experiment with it when you have sufficient items.

Z Awaken:

By Z-Awakening your character, you awaken for their secret potential, substantially increase their stats.
The characters scarcity will boost, turning them into a more powerful Type.
Z Awakening could occur if only:
  1. Characters are at the maximum level.
  2. The Awakening all medals required was obtained.

After having a Z-Awakening, your characters level Super attack will probably be delayed, but it may increase cost. Ensure that not to exhaust the team cost.

Leadership skills

Some characters have unique abilities which will be activated by placing the character inside the slot leader.
Each time a leader included in a friend accompany yourself on a quest, where the leader Skill characters will surely be activated too.
Ramification leadership skills will surely be active, even when the top is not engaged in the attack.

Passive skills

There are a few unique capabilities to the various characters that activate under special circumstances during a battle. The required circumstances vary based on each jurisdiction

Connection to the skills

Each character might have different skills. By choosing the order of attack while in the battle, if the characters are same binding skills are placed together, these skills will automatically activate. You can understand information on skills in the skills of the specifics characters link section.


Your ultimate goal is to move toward the intent while beating opponents you will encounter as you progress. To maneuver forward, automatic a random number at the lower of the screen and you may control your amount chosen spaces. When the forks of the path, you must choose the direction you want to take. Pay attention to what awaits us.


Each stage has 3 different levels difficulty: Normal, hard, and Z-Hard. Initially, you can choose Normal, but in the success of each step, the next level will be available for you. In the levels more advanced, enemies will become stronger, and rewards such as EXP points, Zeni, and others will also increase.

Description of the tile. There are a variety of different tiles on the amp. Generally, red tiles indicate danger, blue tiles indicate rewards and Yellow tiles indicate a random phenomenon.
Endurance (Stamina)

You must use stamina points when you go on a quest. Each step requires a certain amount of  of Endurance (Stamina) points. You regain 1 stamina point every 5 minutes. You can also pass 1 Dragon Stone to fully restore your stamina. * Leveling up can increase your maximum Stamina points.

Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls can be found in some stages. You can check where the Dragon Balls are going to Dragon Balls home and tapping on the empty housing of Dragon Ball.
You must land on the exact tile to get it back, so plan carefully as you go along. When you collect all 7 Dragon Balls, you can make a wish.
You can check the list to see what you can do. * After using a wish, the fate of the Dragon Balls are going to change.

How do you log out?

You can leave during a quest (for battle) by going to Menu on the top right of your screen and selecting 'Abandonment Quest'. If you select Log Out in the menu during a battle, you will leave both the battle and the quest. By choosing to leave, you will lose all the obtained elements , except for the EXP points earned in the battle characters.


During the battle, your Ki counter will increase according to the number of Ki Balls you have absorbed, there by determining your attack force. Your attack power will double when you absorb Ki balls that are the same color as your type.
* In your meter Ki Ki is valid only for a tour so that you get a new Ki each round.

Dokkan mode

When the Dokkan meter below your HP bar is full and the Super attack of your character is active, you enter Dokkan mode.
It will fuel your Super attack and you will damage your opponents. Your Dokkan meter can be filled when you absorb the Ki Balls.
* You will have meters Dokkan reset once you leave a step.


You can bring objects to support your quest. Objects have a variety of effects: your HP recovery, increase your attack, etc. Choose the best elements of each step. Using Dragon Ball wishes, you can increase the number of different items that you can take with you to a maximum of 6 for the quest.

Training Articles

Earn more points by using Exp training Articles during the training. You can use up to 5 elements in a single round of training. You can get training through the objects and connection bonus quests.

Awakening Medal

A necessary element for the awakening of your character. The type and quantity of the elements necessary for enlightenment are different depending on each character. You can get Awakening medals through quests and bonus connection.


You earn more points friend by choosing someone who is your friend for your quest. Leveling up can increase the maximum number of friends you can have. You made a lot of friends to get an edge on your quests.

Friend points

If you have a friend Points, you can use them in Friend Point assignment. By going on a quest with someone who is your friend, you receive 100 points. With other players, you receive 50 points. Note that you cannot receive points once per day, per player, if you continue to choose the same player, you will not earn more points.


To create a code of devices transfer, go to Menu transfer of the unit and press the Create button:
  • 1 takes note of the ID the user and the device Code transfer.
  • 2. install Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle on your new device.
  • 3 Select Device transfer on the title screen, then on the screen entry of transfer devices, input the user ID code and code transfer of the unit to perform the transfer.

Since the transfer button on the device will remain on the screen of your title, you can transfer data even after you have started a game.
  1. * In the case of a transfer to a different OS, Dragon stones will not be transferred.
  2. * If you transfer during a quest, the quest data will be lost.
  3. * The code will expire after 2 weeks. The password and expiration date will be renewed each time that you create a new code (all previous codes will be invalidated).
  4. * After your transfer is complete, your code will be invalidated.

The App is closed

Then reset your application during a quest, your game will pick up right where you left it. * If you backup automatic data is deleted, all articles and the character Exp Points obtained during your quest will be lost.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle - Unlimited Zeni, DragonStone and Friend Points